In Our Story, I mentioned that once a few folks caught onto my grandfather’s hobby, “word spread, and equipment kept showing up.”  Well, evidently that takes a far shorter time period than I originally thought.  We’ve already been overwhelmed by generosity this year.  The shop is overflowing with equipment — everything from almost-new-but-needs-tweaked, to a-little-older-but-perfectly-usable-if-fixed, to save-a-few-parts-and-recycle-the-rest.

One gentleman showed up with a 20′ trailer loaded with boxes of expensive parts and rebuild kits, several mowers, a snow blower, a couple of super old yard vacs, an old go-kart, and three kids’ ATVs.  The latter are in pretty bad shape, but the cute assistant on the far right one is super excited by the prospects…

Bottom line, we’re blown away so far.  Know that everything is donated and put to good use.  We’re super meticulous with repairs and rebuilds — our neighbors deserve them.

God bless!