Interested in helping us both provide mowers to families that need it as well as sharing God’s love through acts of service?  There are lots of ways to pitch in!

  • Spread the word! With respect to both finding equipment and finding families, we heavily rely on word-of-mouth. Any help you can give us (especially through social media) is much appreciated.
  • Have a mower that you’d be willing to donate? Regardless if it’s in working condition, no longer running, missing parts, or should simply be used for parts, we’d sincerely appreciate tit! Know that it will be fixed/serviced properly, cleaned, and donated to someone who could really use it.
  • We also work with garden tractors, riding mowers, leaf blowers, snow blowers, trimmers, edgers, power washers, tillers, and anything else with a small engine! If we can’t donate the equipment itself, we’ll repair it, sell it, and use the profits to fund other work.
  • Spare parts are constantly needed! Even if it seems like something that may not often be needed for repairs, please consider contacting us before throwing it out. You’d be surprised how much we sometimes need to replace. Engine parts, blades, wheels, gasket kits, dipsticks, fuel lines, spark plugs, caps/covers, spark arrestors, cables, handles, plastic bodies, deflectors, baggers — anything is appreciated!
  • Notice a mower or any other type of equipment on the curb for trash pickup? Call us!
  • Have connections within your professional network that could potentially partner with us? Offer discount parts? We currently pay retail prices for most items (although have some go-to websites that are extremely reasonable) — any alternative ideas would be welcome!
  • Bibles! We typically leave an outreach New Testament, a kids’ New Testament, and a kids’ Bible storybook with families, if they’re open to it. We’re not pushy, but at least ask if they’d be interested. Help with this is an enormous blessing. We typically use NIV for adults, NIRV for kids, and something like Jesus Storybook Bible.
  • Volunteer. We have a pole barn (just SW of Fort Wayne off Hwy 24), tools, and plenty of equipment to fix. If you’re handy, or willing to learn, help is always appreciated!
  • Cash donations. This work can be expensive! We’re happy to do it, but additional funds only increase our capabilities. However, note that we are not a 501(c)3 organization, very purposefully. The ongoing costs and time associated with maintaining a nonprofit corporation would frankly/bluntly be an unnecessary distraction at this point. We just want to fix things and build relationships with families — that’s it. But knowing that, if this is something you’re interested in, please contact us!


Here are a few related items/tools on our wishlist that would be incredibly helpful. We’re all ears if you know of an option we should be looking into!

  • Trailer: We have a simple 4’x8′ Harbor Freight metal frame trailer with “good enough” plywood decking and sides.  It serves its purpose and is completely fine for hauling push mowers and other small equipment. But for riding mowers and garden tractors, it’s…sketchy. Its 2x6 ramps are doable with tractors, but we occasionally work with zeroturn mowers and the setup is rather perilous. Even worse, the plywood sides don’t give a ton of confidence when pulling heavy equipment down 69/469. Plus, the 4′ width (minus a bit to account for the sides) limits the deck size we can handle.
    All that to say: a better utility trailer (metal floor/sides and a fold-down, one-piece ramp) would be heavily used and incredibly appreciated. The 8′ length is completely fine, but 5-6′ wide would better serve some of what we pull.
  • Wood Stove/Burner: The pole barn gets super cold in the winter. We have plenty of firewood (thanks to the emerald ash borer), but this would take the edge off. We definitely don’t need anything special, here. Something standard/simple that we could put a box fan behind would be perfect.
  • Power/Pressure Washer: This would be super for cleaning the equipment. Obviously, it doesn’t have to be running — more than happy to fix it. But they’re oddly hard to come by on Craigslist…
  • Air Compressor (high CFM): Air tools can be incredibly handy in this arena, but the air CFM requirements are fairly demanding. We have a standard home-use air compressor that isn’t capable of handling most of them.
  • Truck: This one is a moon shot. We pull the utility trailer with the family SUV, but the time and inconveniences reduce our availability for drop-offs and pick-ups. We used to have a pickup for daily use, but our growing family changed that rather quickly. However, having an older, no-frills truck to use purely when needed would be a Godsend. I couldn’t care less what it looks like, as long as it can handle short trips on the interstate. The ability to load a mower while out running errands would dramatically increase our availability.


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